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Find out your true costs of printing and copying

FREE print audit from Office Options…


Office Options can offer a bespoke solution to the needs of any business. Sales staff are at the forefront of office technology and can offer impartial advice on the most cost effective way for your business to move forwards with its reprographic equipment needs. Office Options will help you make the right choice first time.


The Office Options Group have access to some of the most advanced electronic document and management systems available in the world today which are systems able to incorporate paper documents into a digital workflow with unparalleled ease.

Benefits to be gained from print management:

  • Reduced print and copy costs. Moving to a managed solution can trim print related costs by up to 30%.
  • Save resources. More efficient management can reduce energy consumption, reduce the cost of consumables such as ink or toner, and cut down on waste.
  • Refocus IT on more critical business tasks. IT support staff typically spend a significant amount of time in installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.


Office Options offer a valuable and FREE print audit. Many businesses don’t have visibility on the costs of printing, with no insight into output volumes it is difficult to make informed decisions on predicted annual spend.

A print audit can help show how you can:


Reduce total cost of ownership by 20% to 40%


Increase user productivity and effectiveness


Improve business efficiency for administration, support and management


Gain improved environmental working practices

To book your FREE Print Audit or to find out how Office Options tailored, independent advice can assist your business, please call on 01384 455838 or take a few moments to complete your details on our contact page – we would love to hear from you.

After Sales Care

Office Options offer specific service agreements tailored to the needs of your business, guaranteeing a first class service from fully qualified service personnel.

How To Acquire


Lease rental


Lease purchase


Outright purchase


Short term hire

Whichever option you choose Office Options Group will follow on from point of sale to installation and provide after care service of the highest standard.