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Office Options Provide a Full range of Managed IT Services and Cyber Security


Office Options provide everything IT-related from one-off support sessions to full infrastructure installations.

We keep our clients coming back by maintaining constant communication throughout planning, deployment and support.

Whether you want an on-site or off-site system, we have got you covered.

We can help you with your system upgrades, migrations or office moves.

We can integrate your IT systems with your Office Equipment thus you can enjoy one contact number for all of your requirements.

Why have so many different companies involved? See the time and financial benefits from one point of contact.

Office Options will make use of the best available technologies to suit your requirements and tailor a product to your needs.

You will receive your own account manager who will guide you through the whole process.

Free Health Check

When was the last time that you had full network and system health check?

If the answer to this is over 12 months or even worse, never, then it is worth letting us carry out a completely free no obligation health check!

In our health check we look to establish and evaluate the following fundamental areas of your systems:

  • Network Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Anti Virus and Risk Assessment
  • Best Practises
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Expenditure


Did you know that there is a hacker attack on average every 39 seconds?

This is why is security is so important today.

The information and data within your business are the core of your operation. They connect connections, and run your business. We know the damage that be done if unauthorised access is gained.

Password Policies

Passwords are a common part of every day life. We know you do not want to have to remember hundreds of different passwords – we will advise on a password management system.

    Intrusion Prevention

    We install an intrusion prevention system as standard with all of our packages. What does this do? It keeps hackers out, and it stops you and any one else on your network mistakenly clicking an infected link to a compromised website. Without this in place, a cyber criminal could gain access to your system without you even knowing until it is too late.

    Server And System Monitoring

    How do you know your system is running well? Usually people discover when something is not running well when it stops working! We monitor your systems to prevent failures before they occur and reduce downtime.

      Preventative Maintenance

      It is important to be proactive and prevent issues before they can occur. We ensure all of our systems are fully patched, updated and compliant.

      Backup and Data Replication

      Backup is the most important element of your system. Don’t be left without it.


      We cover all of your files, emails, photos, documents and databases. We wrap them up in a ‘magic’ invisible blanket so that we can easily replicate them for you.


        We store data in a encrypted data centres using 256-bit encryption algorithms. Even the most powerful computer in the world can not break the encryption within a reasonable time frame.

        What About Office 365?

        Most people think that because you are using Office 365, your information is secure and protected. This is not completely true, Office 365 does retain copies of your emails, contacts, calendar etc, but it is only a basic backup system.
        If a cyber criminal gained control of your Office 365 Online account, they could simply delete your emails and the copies of them too.
        Our systems take an offline copy of your Office 365 mailboxes. Therefore you can rest knowing that this side of your systems are also fully covered.

          A little more about Cyber Attacks…

          Have you ever thought what would happen if a hacker gained access to your system?
          A customer’s system could get compromised, and the hacker take control of their files. And worst to that, they could also gain control of their ‘cloud backup’ too.
          Most IT providers do not provide adequate protection for this scenario.
          We replicate your systems both on site, and offsite, or ‘in the cloud’.
          Third to that, we maintain a full copy of your data in another physical location that is isolated away from the other 2 copies.
          This called an ‘Air Gap’ or 3-2-1 system.
          Should the absolute worst happen and a cyber criminal gain access to both your on-site and cloud resources, we can still get you back up and running as swiftly as possible.